Why Wild Worship?

My name is Kimberly Bulgin and here's why I strongly believe Wild Worship is just for you!


I began leading worship at my home church at the young, inexperienced age of 12. Despite my age, discovering the undeniably wild, extravagant, awe-inspiring presence of God totally captivated my heart. I was hooked! 

But while I encouraged others to freely sing songs of worship to this amazing God week after week, sadly, I simultaneously mastered the deception of living a secret double life. The threat of my shameful struggles bubbling to the unforgiving public surface kept the facade going for years.

Thankfully, God used challenging, humbling experiences to reveal just how DRAINING a double life is which helped me embrace what being free in Jesus really means. Do I have a witness? 

So for the past 4 years, I’ve been on this increasingly rewarding, freeing journey of rethinking what it means to live an authentic life to the glory of God no matter where I am, what I’m doing or who I’m with.  

And honestly?

The ongoing transformation is seriously too extraordinary to keep myself! 


So that’s literally why Wild Worship is for you because...


  • We believe you're also exhausted from managing your fake double life and are ready to boldly embrace who God created you to be!
  • We believe in helping you celebrate the freedom you have to live authentically in the presence of God every single day! 
  • We believe in you unashamedly pursuing emotional freedom, mental freedom, spiritual freedom and physical freedom through Jesus Christ our Lord! 
  • We truly believe that whom the SON SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED!! John 8:36


By God’s grace, I’m confident that all the products and free resources we provide will easily inspire you to unapologetically live a life of wild worship for His glory! 


Find your fav shirt here and join the #WildWorship movement today! 




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